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“I guarantee, you’re really gonna love this!!”

~ Howard’s Tennessee Holler Rub ~ A Connoisseurs delight!


My friend Perry Hartman (of Painter’s Dream) is working up this superb presentation as I’m mixing up a fresh new batch of this tasty tantalizer. This rub is made from true Hawaiian coffees, Himalayan pink sea salt, plus my favorite spices. Kosher, GMO free and all natural ingredients.

After using it a year or so, it became very evident that THIS WAS AN EXCELLENT RUB! Everyone who sampled it, came back for more! This was good enough to bottle & sell, so there you have it!!! Howard’s Tennessee Holler Rub!

An Organic and Kosher meat rub mix! If you are a food aficionado, I highly recommend trying it. Don’t need salt or pepper… just a little olive oil and a light sprinkle of this rub on each side, and VIOLA!! Delicious!!! And a little goes a long way BUT, we recommend taking advantage of the jars of this rub. Lasts a good while so you don’t run out! And, it’s price discounted!!

FOR ANY AND ALL MEATS! Pork, Deer, Beef, Fish, OR Fowl! This rub is also excellent in pasta dishes and other food recipes. BUY HERE, BUY NOW!!!!


Good habits must be shared and once partaken…
you’ll never quit! 30 years and I haven’t yet.
For the least cost I could find,
the finest coffee there is!!
The same coffee for a lot less money!
Welcome to my world!

100% pure Royal Estate Hawaiian Reserve Coffee!!! THE BEST THERE IS!